Student-Level Services

Student résumés and business correspondence are ideal for the following conditions:

  • You are seeking a professional full or part-time position after graduation from college.
  • You are seeking an internship while at college.

Spot-On will help you in making as successful move from the classroom to the workplace, and ensure that:

  • Past and current part-time job positions take on an air of efficacy and usefulness.
  • Course of study is tied to the position at hand, using grades and relevant course work as needed.
  • Awards and other achievements are noted for maximum impact.
  • Focus on education and skills are prevalent rather than the depth of your experience.
Résumé $99*
Cover $30
Thank-You $30

Purchase all 3 for a special rate of $150!

Please contact me at for specific examples including before and after.

* Prices shown for resumes are beginning price points. Final pricing will depend on complexity, length, and other factors. Please contact me at for exact pricing.